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Authentic wood-fired pizza for weddings, parties and festivals across Cornwall & Devon

Based in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, we take our wood fired oven to events across Devon and Cornwall. 


We are proud of our homemade dough and tomato sauce, that create a simple base for fabulous, thin and crispy pizzas cooked to order in less than 2 minutes in our authentic wood fired oven. And we cook up to 70 pizzas an hour - that's a lot of pizza, pretty quickly.


As well as great food, the pizza oven brings fun, spontaneity and a bit of theatre to your event.

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@DejaVuAntiques Great atmosphere as ever - and this year we even organised sunshine ☀️

03:13 14th May

And we're off! It's all happening here at @lostfest! https://t.co/xqQAyKiL0a

10:36 14th May

That will do nicely thank you. Sunshine all the way here in @LoveLostwithiel for @lostfest today ☀️😎 https://t.co/O4O5fa2dE5

07:26 14th May

Today's the day - and it's glorious here in @LoveLostwithiel. Brace yourselves @lostfest we're coming to get you… https://t.co/IUfkrISjxg

06:41 14th May

Can't wait - we are looking forward to our debut at @FlavourFestSW 🍕😊 https://t.co/zSM5Ci6YEA

10:56 13th May

Pear and blue cheese on a caramelised onion base 😍 Just one of our #woodfired #pizzas on offer at @lostfest tomorro… https://t.co/CqqwlNvyTw

10:52 13th May

Tilly enjoying the bluebells at @pengennamanor yesterday. Rain? What rain? https://t.co/2RT4o3Smo3

10:08 7th May

@Tattysquawk @pengennamanor We're great thanks - how about you?

10:06 7th May

A winner at yesterday's wedding at glorious @pengennamanor - pear and blue cheese on a caramelised onion base 😍 https://t.co/d7i3Gah1Q4

09:56 7th May