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Authentic wood-fired pizza for weddings, parties and festivals across Cornwall & Devon

Based in Lostwithiel, Cornwall, we take our wood fired oven to events across Devon and Cornwall. 


We are proud of our homemade dough and tomato sauce, that create a simple base for fabulous, thin and crispy pizzas cooked to order in less than 2 minutes in our authentic wood fired oven. And we cook up to 70 pizzas an hour - that's a lot of pizza, pretty quickly.


As well as great food, the pizza oven brings fun, spontaneity and a bit of theatre to your event.

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@apbassetts it was a busy one that's for sure! And we're off to do a wedding today πŸ˜ŽπŸ•

06:24 17th May

RT @apbassetts: The coolest pizza makers @Kernowforno Always on the go! #Bizitalk https://t.co/yBLkl372rl

06:23 17th May

RT @stiltwalking: The happiest, sunniest freindliest festival that ever was -Lostwithiel Festival @lostfest https://t.co/BNb34CeZRp

09:48 15th May

@lostfest @stiltwalking @KernowEats @Bigpanparties @VenisonAndGame well thanks 😎 I've had a lot of practice πŸ•πŸ•

09:47 15th May

RT @lostfest: @Kernowforno @stiltwalking @KernowEats @Bigpanparties @VenisonAndGame Sarah you make cooking pizzas look so cool! https://t.c…

09:46 15th May

RT @chalk_daniel: @Kernowforno @MoorViewAlpacas @betty_stogs @Skinnersbrewery @ginghamchicken great day at @lostfest thanks everyone for…

09:45 15th May

Our pleasure @chalk_daniel great to see you for your annual trip to @lostfest. Same time, same place next year? πŸ˜€πŸ•

09:45 15th May

RT @chalk_daniel: @lostfest enjoying the Lamb Ragu thank you Sarah & Simon @Kernowforno https://t.co/JhI0i0yHUU

09:44 15th May

@stiltwalking @kernoweats @lostfest @bigpanparties @venisonandgame yup, I could happily have eaten my way around the food stalls :-)

08:22 15th May

RT @stiltwalking: @KernowEats @lostfest @Bigpanparties @VenisonAndGame @Kernowforno What a delicious festival this was

08:22 15th May