Dickensian evening In Lostwithiel

Tuesday 15th December 2015

Who knew that a Dickensian pizza menu would work so well??? 

Grated expectations, Miss Hamersham (see what we did there?), Olive Twist, Pickwick Porkers and Tiny Tim's Christmas dinner, to name a few.  It was our third Dickensian evening in our home town of Lostwithiel and it really is a magical evening.  The combination of a lantern parade, Christmas carols, Dickensian costume and advent windows throughout the town created something very special.

Tiny Tim's Christmas dinner, complete with turkey, home made stuffing and sage leaves on a port and cranberry sauce base was an absolute winner. 

As you can see, I ditched the crinoline this year and went for the infinitely more practical 'barrow boy' option, whilst Simon was sporting a beard that would make Father Christmas proud...